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School, child & family

At Zucker Jewish Academy, it’s not just about life during school hours. We are keenly aware that parents are a vital piece of the system that enables our students to achieve.

We provide a warm, positive Jewish experience for the entire family. Offering exciting family Shabbat and Yom tov retreats and events, as well as opportunities for adults to discover the vibrancy of Judaism that their children are uncovering in the classroom, we cement the role of both school
and home.

Together, we become one family, driven by the privilege of being a part of the Zucker Jewish Academy culture. Together, we become actively involved in learning, and extracurricular activities, enabling our children to achieve. Together we enjoy the wonderful rewards of unadulterated
Jewish nachat!


A joint force of love

At Zucker Hebrew Academy we realize that parents are the key to success in our efforts. That’s why we actively involve our parents during school hours and beyond in aspects of learning and extracurricular activities. We also encourage and teach strong family ties as well as parental honor and respect according to Torah values.

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